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Dr. Brett Urban


Restore Your Smile with Cosmetic Dentistry

Dr. Brett Urban is your trusted cosmetic dentistry expert with years of experience. He combines state-of-the-art technology with personalized care and treatment to leave you with a confident and radiant smile.

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Dr. Brett Urban

Dr. Brett Urban was raised in Lawrence and graduated from Lawrence High School. He attended the University of Kansas after completing his high school education and earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology there. In order to pursue his D.D.S. at Creighton University, he relocated to Omaha, Nebraska. In addition to alternating at the Omaha Correctional Center Ambulatory Dental Center, One World Clinics, and Charles Drew Health Centers, which offer care to the needy in and around the Omaha areas, he offered care in every dental specialty while attending Creighton University.

Dr. Urban is dedicated to establishing a full-service dental practice in Rossville that the neighborhood can be proud of. Dr. Urban practices lifelong learning, as seen by the several hours he invests in continuing education courses each year. In order to give his patients the finest care possible, he thinks it’s critical to stay current with the rapidly evolving dental industry.

Since 2010, Dr. Urban has been wed to his wife, who he has known since the fourth grade. They had a daughter as their first child in 2013, and they later added a son to their family in 2015. Dr. Urban and his wife welcomed identical twin boys into their expanding family in June 2018. Given that they were both born at just 27 weeks, these two boys are true miracles. Further information on their experience in the NICU may be found on Rossville Family Dental’s Facebook page. Dr. Urban enjoys traveling, spending time with his family, and watching KU in his free time (yes, even football). Dr. Urban strives to offer his patients high-quality dental care in a welcoming, caring, and comfortable setting.

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Why Patients Love Dr. Brett Urban

My latest visit to Rossville Family Dental was very satisfying, I would say my best experience with any dental procedure. They took the time necessary to complete the work and make sure there were no issues. Excellent work. I recommend them completely.
Blake T.

I am new to Rossville Dental, had been 30 years with my prior dentist, until he retired. My daughter Nicole had a implant done by Dr. Urban and was very satisfied with the work and especially the staff; so I decided to give them a try, since I was needing 2 crowns and an extraction. I went in for a review of my needs, with Cheryl, and a week later was having the work accomplished, couldn't be more pleased with Dr. Urban and his staff; the results were 'Top Notch'!
Tom F.

Best experience. The whole staff is the nicest I've ever met and the Dentist is super nice, and gentle. I would definitely recommend going there
Sherrie I.

428 Main Street

Rossville, KS 66533


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