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Sedation Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry in Rossville, KS

What if you could have all the dentistry services you put off for years in just one or two relaxing trips to the traditional dental office? What if you could finally receive all of the care while you slept—free from anxiety and discomfort?

We specialize in treating patients with dental phobias and anxiety using sedation dentistry and sleep dentistry. We provide many sedation dentistry options. To deliver a cocktail of medications, these methods include giving an oral sedative, a tablet, nitrous oxide (laughing gas), and intravenous sedation. Everything is based on what the patient needs.

In this way the patient and the dentist are comfortable providing and receiving the best possible dental care-safe, and free of stress and pain.


Anxiolysis is a method of oral sedation that makes use of a mild sedative like valium. It is advised for people with mild to moderate anxiety because it is not as potent as oral conscious sedation. Throughout the procedure, you will be awake, but any tension and fear will vanish. During the process, you will be able to speak and breathe on your own. What for other people can be a frightening encounter becomes calming.

Since anxiolysis only uses a mild sedative, you can even drive yourself home after the procedure. If you've been worried about getting dental work done, give us a call to find more about our anxiety-free dentistry solutions.

Nitrous Oxide

The most widely utilized type of sedation in dentistry is nitrous oxide, also referred to as laughing gas. It is given by having the patient breathe in the gas while being closely observed by your doctor. You'll experience a euphoric sensation and total relaxation. Your nervousness and all associated fears vanish, allowing you to watch your dental operation in tranquility. Most of the time, all dental treatment can be finished in one appointment while you are asleep.

Sedation using nitrous oxide is very secure and efficient. Following the treatment, the nitrous oxide will quickly wear off, and you should be able to drive yourself home and resume your regular routines.

To find out if you qualify for nitrous sedation, you must schedule a consultation with your dentist in advance. It's time to stop worrying about your upcoming dental appointment. Make an appointment right now and ask us about sedation dentistry.

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