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Emergency Dental Care in Rossville, KS

If you are experiencing a dental emergency, Rossville Family Dental is here to help. Don’t wait…give us a call at 785-380-4939.

Emergency Dental Care

If you have a dental emergency, CALL US! We will do our best to see you on the same day to get you out of pain and to set you on the road to recovery and the restoration of your smile.

Don’t wait…give us a call . We don’t want you to wait to seek treatment if you are having a dental emergency, waiting can allow a small problem to become a big one. Calling us can allow us to either tell you to come in as an emergency walk-in dental patient, or to book you into the first available opening. If your dental emergency is severe and life threatening, we may tell you to go to the emergency room.

If you aren’t certain that you are experiencing a dental emergency, you can use the following checklist. If you still aren’t sure, call our office and we will let you know our recommendation for your situation. You may need emergency dental care if:

  • You have intense pain when chewing, eating or speaking
  • You have lost a filling, cap or crown and are experiencing pain.
  • You or your child have been in an accident, and teeth are damaged
  • Your child has fallen and hit his or her mouth and the bleeding won’t stop
  • You are experiencing abnormal pain when flossing or brushing your teeth
  • If a food particle has become stuck in between your tooth and gum and the area is now swollen, or there is drainage around a tooth (sign of infection)

Common dental emergencies we treat every week include:

  • Severe toothaches and dental abscesses
  • Broken fillings, lost crowns, and broken bridgework
  • Irritation from braces or dentures
  • Painful, infected or decayed teeth
  • Chipped, cracked, fractured or broken teeth
  • Teeth damaged due to sports injuries or accidents
  • Knocked-out teeth in adults and children

If you have a tooth or teeth that are knocked out, fit them back in the socket if possible and apply pressure, or place them in cold saline or milk or in ice water. Call our Rossville Family Dental office to let us know you are coming and we will make time for you or your child.

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