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Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening in Rossville, KS

It's much harder than it sounds to keep our teeth as white as possible. Even with routine upkeep, our teeth can occasionally look a little dull due to the amount of coffee, wine, smoking, and other substances that can stain them. The natural color of your teeth can be restored with teeth whitening, or if you choose, they can be made even whiter.

Your teeth will be whiter thanks to a tray whitening technology that we use. This tray whitening procedure takes two steps to accomplish. Making a dental imprint is the first step. We will create personalized whitening trays for you to use repeatedly using this imprint. Next, over the course of a few days, you will take the whitening gel and immerse it in the gel for a brief length of time. This frequently causes a smile to become 4–8 shades whiter!

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